Extracurricular Activities: Visit Uncle Ho’s mausoleum and visit Quoc Tu Giam Temple

In the solemn atmosphere, officials and Union members showed their respect and remembrance for the great leader of Ho Chi Minh’s leader extracurricular . On behalf of Hanoi International College , the new students HIC participated in this extra-curricular activity, with deep gratitude for the hard work that President Ho Chi Minh has brought to the country and people.

This is an annual extracurricular activity of the school for new students on the occasion of the new school year with the purpose of educating patriotic tradition, national pride and commemoration of the merits of the holy fairies. have meritorious services to the country, people and the cause of people planting a country ./.

Visiting Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum, for each Vietnamese, there is a need for affection, a new custom, a tradition of gratitude to the root, toward the root before every step up. From the elderly to the children; From ordinary people to government officials and employees, each person has a different mood, but when he comes back, Uncle Ho feels serene and peaceful. Many foreigners when coming to Vietnam, standing in front of his Mausoleum have felt: Few leaders in the world are as popular as President Ho Chi Minh.

The current complex of Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam is currently located on a 54331 m2 site, including many small architectural works. Surrounding the campus are mallet bricks. Experiencing many remodeling, this relic population includes Ho Van, Van Mieu, Dai Trung Mon, Khue Van Cac, Thien Quang well, stele, Dai Thanh Mon and Thai Hoc.

In front of the Temple of Literature there is a large lake called Van Chuong Lake, the old name was called Thai Ho. In the middle of the lake is Kim Chau mound, formerly there was a floor to admire the scenery. In addition to the main gate, there are four pillars. On the left are beer “Ha Ma”, surrounding the surrounding high wall. The Temple of Literature is built in the style of Tam Quan, on which there are three words “Temple of Literature” in ancient Chinese characters. In the Temple of Literature divided into 5 distinct areas, each area has a separate wall and a connecting gate.

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